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Epoxy resin earring set, Transparent with with fine green glitter and white Accents
Not only are these earrings colorful and bright, but they are affordable, lightweight, and comfortable to wear.

The process for these earrings begins with mixing my favorite art resin according to package instructions. Once fully mixed, I use various methods to dye the resin, then add my inclusions. It is placed in a mold, and then cures over a 24 hour period. After they have hardened, I de-mold and sand off any ridges or extra resin. I use acrylic paint to make the engraving pop and then place the jump rings and hardware.

Hypoallergenic Surgical 316L Stainless Steel French Hook
Stainless Steel Jump Ring

If this is a gift for someone and you would like to include a note please send me a note and I can make it happen! Enjoy!

Gold display tree not included in sale.

Transparent Green Resin Paw Earrings

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