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HeartShapedEarmark is a small costume wear shop that caters to those people that have a draw to the fluffy side of costume wear. We offer pre-made pieces but we also work closely with clients to create custom work that reflects each individuals vision.

We work with eco-friendly/cruelty free faux fur to create Ears and Tails for various species and breeds of critter. We handcraft each piece to specific specifications to offer a product that can be relied on for its durability, ease of wear, and classy look. 


Custom Colors

Order custom colors in anything available at my shop or request a specific type /or color of fur through my inbox


Custom Airbrushing

Lovingly airbrush most ear styles and some tail designs to create a unique look with lots of attention to detail


Custom Style

I work to create custom products in styles that are relevant to different breeds and species as well as  aesthetic of personalized animal themed wear


Posable Designs

Ask me about my two different methods of creating ears and the benefits of posable vs non posable

Get a Quote

Thanks for you interest in my products, below you can send me a quick description of what you are looking for and i will send you back a quote ASAP

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